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It takes time and effort to craft a fluent translation that reads as if it had been written in your native language. Such degree of accuracy is especially essential in our target fields, namely Legal, Financial, and Medical sector-specific translations, where even minor errors can potentially result in loss of client confidence, or have significant financial consequences for your business.

At Koert Translations, to ensure the translation accuracy of your documents, we combine the outsourcing to vetted and tested contractors who are specialists in the relevant industry with stringent reviews by our in-house experts. Having in-house language and industry specialists allows us to maintain control of the quality and provide translations of the highest standard to our clients.

With over a decade of experience in the translation industry, we observed a trend where many medium-sized and large companies apparently consider quality as an afterthought, and are all too willing to sacrifice quality for shareholder profit. Profits are of course essential for the management and expansion of a business, but they should never take precedence over the quality of the service or product that the business offers.

As such, Koert Translations was born from the ideal of having quality as the cornerstone of our business. For us and our clients, excellence is the top priority, and we stand strong against the wave of mediocre machine/A.I. translations that currently populate the language services market.

In the case of simple or repetitive non-confidential texts, there are times that machine translations can be useful in speeding up the translation process, but in case of more complex documents they often only hamper the progress of the translator and thus result in a lower quality outcome than if the translator just translated from scratch. Therefore, we primarily rely on human industry specialists to ensure consistent and fluent translations of the highest order, and maintain multi-reviewed flawless proprietary translation memories as the optimal cost-saving tool for our clients.

You may have noticed our logo being a family crest. Symbolically, we like to interpret the three eagles on the Koert family coat of arms as representing the Three Base Foundations of our enterprise: Integrity, Transparency and Professionalism. These base foundations guide us in our business endeavors and dealings, and in our service provision. You may consider us as the virtuous knight of the translation industry. 😉

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Why Our Clients Choose Us

You can expect clear and professional communication and a transparent, personalized approach to your language needs. We actively ensure that projects are performed in accordance with your requirements and specifications.

We adhere strongly to agreements and deadlines. When we have agreed a delivery time, you can expect your language service to be completed well on-time.

All translations undergo multiple reviews by hand-picked native experts in the respective subject matter to ensure impeccable translation quality.

Big or small, we will carefully nurse your project to perfection! We do not consider an assignment complete until you are 100% satisfied.

Something unexpected came up? We will put in the additional time and efforts to assist you in resolving sudden changes in requirements and meeting relevant deadlines that you may face.

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We take confidentiality serious. We ensure the privacy of your documents using virtual private networks and secure servers.

Operating Globally
Based in Switzerland

We do business in multiple languages. Feel free to contact us in English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, or Russian.

Native Language

We uphold relationships with translators worldwide. We entrust your translations to native experts of the subject matter.

First Class

Precision and accuracy are high on our list! All our projects are subjected to a three-stage process of translation, editing, and quality control.

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