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Company History

As our Swiss UK partnership has only been established recently, we resorted to tell you the translation history of our Managing Partner.

1994First Contact

At 10 years of age I would often visit my next-door neighbors from the UK to help me out with my English to Dutch translations of video game manuals…

2003Dawn of professional translation

My first professional translation assignment was an English to Dutch translation of a Service Agreement for a travel agency while I was learning Japanese in Perth, Australia.

2008First Japanese & Traditional Chinese Translations

Working part-time next to my university studies in Taiwan, I started accepting Chinese and Japanese to English translation assignments of business and engineering related texts, dissertations, and other texts for professors at the university and external contractors.

2009Expanding clientele through Proz

To gain more translation assignments I eventually created a profile on, the world’s largest community of translators. Through Proz I entered into many new language service relationships, some of which endure to this day.

2017Inception of Koert Translations

After years of working as an independent contractor, the time came to move forward. The idea for Koert Translations was conceived in January 2017, after a two-week Vipassana mindfulness retreat at a Buddhist Sanctuary in Malaysia.

2018Incorporation of Koert Translations

In February of 2018, Koert Translations was officially established in Zurich, Switzerland. Soon after, in March, we incorporated Koert Translations LLP in the U.K. We are now open for business!

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