Position: Freelance Language Services Provider
Industries: Finance, Law, Medicine
Requirements: 5 years experience. Native speaker.

As a part of our Independent Contractor pool you will receive translation, editing and other language service requests which you opted in for, mainly consisting of documents in the Financial, Legal, and Medical fields.

Who are we looking for?

Are you a freelance translator? Do you have abundant experience translating and/or editing Financial, Legal or Medical documents? If so, we might be able to collaborate. Please refer to the basic requirements below before submitting your application.

  • At least 5 years of experience working as a Translator in the relevant language pair(s)

  • A native speaker of the target language

  • Abundant experience translating legal, financial, and/or medical texts

  • Able to work with a wide range of file formats (using a CAT tool or otherwise)

  • You enjoy working as a language specialist

What can we offer?

What you can expect when working with us:

  • Honest and fair mutually agreed compensation

  • Increased workload over time

  • Clear and friendly correspondence

  • A chance to receive first consideration for future job openings

How to apply?

If you are interested in cooperating with us in providing sound Legal, Financial and Medical language services, please apply by sending us a message via the contact form, or, in case of any issues, by mail to info [at] koerttranslations.com with the below documentation. As we receive a lot of mail, we only process submissions that are complete. If successful, we will contact you to complete the application process.

Please send us:

  • Your up-to-date CV

  • A cover letter to your CV, describing your working experience and service philosophy

  • Please ensure that both your p/w translation rates, and your p/h editing rates are included in the body text of your submission, including the full range (min to max).

  • Please state the range of language services you provide and the fields


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