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Eric Koert
Eric Koert
Owner & Managing Partner

As the Owner and Managing Partner of our company, Eric oversees all company processes and ensures that these run smoothly. This includes the management of translation projects, client correspondences, specialist recruitment, and talent hiring.

  • Phone : +41 44 585 3202
  • Email : [hidden]
  • Industry Experience : 10+ Years

Mission Statement

Our aim is simple, we want to create not just another translation company, we want to create a company whereby quality is the highest priority from the very beginning. In this world of machine translation and reliance on an elusive future A.I. that is supposed to take care of all translation tasks, we prefer to look at the facts right in front of us: human specialist translation is still by far the highest measure of quality. And even in the future human reviews will remain an inextricable link in the translation process whenever mistakes are inexcusable and quality is of the highest order. Too many companies sacrifice quality for monetary gain or financial savings. We aim to stand against that wave by recruiting the best industry specialists available and providing translations of the highest standard against reasonable costs. .

  • BA in JapaneseTamkang university, Taiwan (2008-2014)


Management and quality control of legal and financial translation projects, client correspondence, recruitment of industry specialists, and training of project managers.

  • Legal and Financial Translation Project Management
  • Client-facing explanations and introduction of our services and client correspondence
  • Recruitment of language specialists and training project managers

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