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Contracts, Disputes and Case Law

From high profile court cases to business contracts, from delving waist-deep into case-law translation research to exact and precise translation of contractual terms and conditions, our lawyer linguists and legal translation specialists have seen it all. Privacy and accuracy are at the top of our list with our Three-Stage Process Quality Control and and file-transfers over secure servers and virtual private networks to ensure the security of your confidential documents. We handle the translation, editing, and quality control of legal documents such as:

  • Contracts or other documents concerning business agreements, mergers, acquisitions, internal reorganizations, or applications for tenders or government subsidies.

  • Legal disputes between corporations, governments, and/or individuals concerning liability, patents, and compliance with local or international law.

  • International accords, interviews, dispositions, court rulings, statements, legal correspondence, etc.

Compatibility issues? Formatting requirements? We handle over 100+ digital file formats and return your files to you in the same format as you submitted them using state of the art CAT tools and conversion programs.

“Law is reason, free from passion.”

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